Create A Legacy

Investments that outlast you.


Why choose us.

Investing in real estate might feel risky in our current economical climate.

Common sense investment strategies often fail in uncommon times. But even in a volatile market, our projects see above average returns year after year.

  • Micro Market Focus
  • Multiple Exit Strategies
  • Owned Supply Chain
  • Quality Work

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With Christ as our cornerstone, our desire is to help you steward your God-given wealth in order to lay a financial foundation for your family’s future through investment opportunities that align with biblical values.

What do we mean by “foundational?” It means we want you to be able to look to the future with confidence and security. We want you to invest your money with people you can trust, in assets you can see, and with returns you can count on. We want to help you build something that will last.

But you’re not only building your own wealth. You’re building a legacy for your family. You’re building up God’s kingdom around the world as we take from the abundance God has given us and give back to those who need it the most.

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